Hunting Muskie

By Michael Robert Dyet

Published: October 1, 2017
print retail price: 24.00
Genre: Novel


Life becomes a search to find our way home after unexpected storms knock us off course. This collection of 16 stories reflects that deep urge to return to where we feel at peace. The journey back becomes a rite of passage.

The title story, “Hunting Muskie,” sets the tone – the hunt to find and subdue an unseen foe. Each of the other stories elaborate on that theme.

Hunter is haunted by the mistake that defined his life. A chance encounter sets Edward on a search for answers. An act of bullying committed decades ago brings a day of reckoning for Quentin. Will must pay the ransom of conscience. A shocking event causes Laurel to fall victim to a temptation she cannot rationalize. Huck shuts out the loss he cannot face until he can deny it no longer. Malcolm seeks atonement for a desperate act committed in the name of love.

The longer piece, “Slipstream,” ties together the connecting threads: the powerful forces that derail us, how we are driven to search for answers, and the harsh truth that redemption often comes at a price.