Blue Denim Press (BDP) is a trade publisher and carefully selects manuscripts for its annual publishing programme. BDP is unfortunately unable to publish all manuscripts received. Over the years, BDP has had requests from authors for assistance in preparing their manuscripts for submission to other publishers or for self-publishing in the new publishing environment.

To meet this demand, BDP now makes its production team available to provide these services on a fee basis to authors considering publication elsewhere. Manuscripts treated under this Publishing Services offer will not be automatically entered or given special consideration by BDP under its own publishing programme.


We offer the following:

  • Manuscript Evaluation
     A broad assessment of the work, focusing on strengths, weaknesses, character, plot, pacing, and plausibility, with suggestions for improvement.
  • Substantive Editing
    A deeper focus on structure, flow of narrative, character depth, dialogue, style and content. We will flag inconsistencies and highlight where the manuscript needs to be strengthened while respecting the author’s voice.
  • Copy Editing
    A focus on grammar and punctuation at the sentence level, on word use, and dialogue rhythms. We will also address continuity, jargon, and cliché.
  • Formatting for Production (Print on Demand, Kindle and E-pub formats)
    Formatting a manuscript into a production-ready file for upload to a POD, Kindle or e-pub publisher.
  • Proofreading
    Reading a galley proof to detect production errors in text or art.

We also offer a complete Production Services package (items 1-5 above) for work up to 100,000 words.
Please contact us for a quote on the work required.


Other services:

  • Cover Design
    We prepare covers for paperbacks and e-books from artwork provided by the author, or by using commercial stock-photos from available libraries. As cover design is a highly subjective process (“covers sell books”), please contact us for an initial consultation and quote on this service.
  • Blog and Article Writing
    Writers need to promote their work. Blogs, press releases, interview highlights and other peripheral promotional materials are now essential parts of any book’s success. Contact us for a consultation and quote on the types of promotional articles required.


To access Blue Denim Press’s Publishing Services, please contact us at