Michael Robert Dyet

Michael Robert Dyet

Michael Robert Dyet is The Metaphor Guy. Novelist, short story writer, closet philosopher, chronicler of life’s mysteries – all through the lens of metaphor. He holds an Honours B.A., Summa Cum Laude, in Creative Writing from York University and was awarded an Arts Acclaim Award from the Brampton Arts Council in 2010.

He is also the author of Until The Deep Water Stills: An Internet-Enhanced Novel – traditional print novel with a unique and ground-breaking online companion featuring text, imagery and audio recordings – which was a double winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards 2009.

Michael’s publishing credits include:

Incorrigible: A Short Story – Appeared in Canadian Voices, Volume 2: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Emerging Canadian Writers.

Dancing With Ghosts: A Short Story – Appeared in Canadian Imprints: An Anthology of Prose and Poems by Members of Writers and Editors Network.

Ransom Heart: A Short Story – Finalist in the Second Wind Publishing Short Story Contest. Appeared in Change is in the Wind Anthology.

Hunting Muskie: A Short Story – Short listed in the Freefall 2011 Prose and Poetry Contest. Appeared in Freefall: Canada’s Magazine of Exquisite Writing

Michael posts weekly in his blog Metaphors of Life Journal: Things That Make Me Go Hmmm.

Michael’s online co-ordinates:

Author Website                                             www.mdyetmetaphor.com

Novel Online Companion                         www.mdyetmetaphor.com/blog

Metaphors of Life Journal Blog            www.mdyetmetaphor.com/blog2

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