Edgy People

By Barb Nobel

Published: October 01, 2018
print retail price: 24.00
Genre: Short Stories


The 40 stories in this collection were written over a period of about 20 years, and reflect the writer’s live experiences, and the life experience of other, young and elderly. Readers of all ages will connect with these stories.

The stories in this collection are all different.

Herein are the stories of an abused foster girl in the 1920’s, and the electronic coercion of a girl in 2018.   A young man struggles for dignity, and another young man struggles for life. A single parent experiences victory, a nasty man gets his comeuppance, and steadfast friends say goodbye. Parents watch their children grow up, and children watch their parents grow old.

Here are stories of villains, and villains defeated, of different generations struggling to help themselves, and to help each other; of the strength of friendships, and the compassion of strangers.

Here are stories of regret, revenge, imagination, humour, sadness, introspection, peculiar events, and peculiar people.

The stories in this collection will yank the reader from rage to triumph, from sorrow to joy, cruelty to compassion. The mundane becomes shocking, the ordinary becomes strange. And the strange are sad.

The individuals are your grandmother, your child, your sister, your friend, your adversary. They will make you smile, or frown, or nod in recognition. But none are dull, none are boring, and none are complacent. They are edgy people.