Barb Nobel

Barb Nobel

Barb Nobel has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She particularly likes the short story for its precision of language, for what is not said but only implied, and for the story’s invitation to imagination.

Barb wrote the stories in this book over many years. The stories sometimes reflect her personal life experiences, and sometimes reflect the life experiences of friends and strangers. Many of them grew out of randomly overheard stories, others are pure imagination.

Barb grew up in a very rural Ontario area, and attended a one room school house with a very outdated selection of books. Consequently she read many of the classics. When she was in the middle of grade eight a new two room school was constructed, and she was overjoyed to have the use of an inside bathroom.

As an avid reader Barb knew there was a more exciting life to come, and she was right. Whatever she can’t do herself, her characters can do.

Barb moved to Toronto at the age of 18, eventually became a social worker, and worked for the City of Toronto.  She retired in 2010, and loves retirement, and the freedom to travel, kick box, lift weights, and drink lots of coffee with friends. She is pleased to have time to spend with her granddaughter, and delighted that she is finally getting enough sleep.

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