Black Irises

By John Delacourt

Published: October 1, 2016
print retail price: 24.00
Genre: Novel


The death of a young woman, Sydney Brewin, in the small town of Newton, Ontario occurs during a federal by-election. And this death has eerie similarities to a suspected murder, decades before, of a darkly charismatic, artistically gifted young woman named Annelie Danziger.

Chief among the points of connection with the Brewin and Danziger cases is that one of the by-election candidates, frontrunner Kent Wolseley, was once in a relationship with Danziger.

So what dark secrets connect Annelie Danziger’s death to Sydney Brewin’s? Only Ian Guthrie, a local journalist struggling to hang on to his job, who was once a close friend of Wolseley, might be able to the solve the mysteries of what occurred with both young women – and the mystery behind Kent Wolseley’s charmed life and rise to power.

Black Irises is a rare gem. John Delacourt has written a page-turning crime novel that can sit alongside the best in literary fiction. You’ll fall into his lush prose,  marvel at his rich characters, and ponder some powerful issues, all the while racing to read just one more page, just one more chapter. I loved it.”

– Terry Fallis, bestselling author of The Best Laid Plans and Poles Apart