Publishing, do’s ‎and don’ts – The Basics

Publishing, do’s ‎and don’ts – The Basics

Technology changed everything. The publishing industry now allows for everyone, from the young reader to the best-selling author to print and sell, or more likely, digitally distribute their own textual masterpieces. A publishing company is no longer necessary to produce and distribute your book, and to make it a success, although they may open doors to industry insiders and networks that can create more access and awareness for your book. Your readers can buy or download your books from multiple sources today, and connect with a click. Between social media and other online marketing, there’s so much opportunity to spread your story.

There are still rules to the publishing game, however. Fundamentals. Publishing laws that should rarely be broken, and first, they should be read, known, and lived. If we are to talk of what to do or not, the debate could go on forever. You’ve already been through it while writing, editing and polishing your book, deciding on design, and pulling it all together into the document you envisioned, perfectly ready for your readers.

No matter the genre, content or style of your book, a traditional publisher will take you through the same step-by-step process after the final edits, proofreads, formatting, binding and other design choices are made.


  • Marketing:

includes planning timeframe for press releases prior to publication, printing and sending advance reading copies to reviewers, setting up a book launch, signings and readings, among others.

  • Promotion:

includes creating press releases, posters, bookmarks, article and catalogue copy, and sometimes videos, websites and other online promotional material, and ensuring it generates interest with the appropriate audience

  • Distribution:

includes print run or print-on-demand decisions, choosing and formatting for e-books and/or audio books, as well as contacting booksellers, book stores and other retailers for distribution contracts


The steps to self-publishing and selling your books yourself are no less complicated—you will just have to take these steps on your own.


Join us in the coming weeks for insight into the traditional publishing world and self-publishing survival tips for the technological age of books.