The Last Secret

By Pam Royl

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Genre: Fiction


1860 – In a small town on Lake Ontario, at a time when an affluent young girl is forbidden to have any ambition of her own, Sarah defies her social-climbing mother to marry Joe, the Scottish farmer she loves, convinced he is the only man willing to help her succeed. Twelve years later, she is a mother of five boys, pregnant again, and trapped by Joe’s failure when she discovers a shocking deception. Before learning the truth, tragedy strikes. Defying her mother once again, Sarah struggles to survive in a life controlled by the men around her. With secrets haunting her, she must eventually decide how far she will go to get what she wants—for her children—and for herself. The Last Secret reveals the dark underbelly of a genteel Victorian town and explores the insidious power of secrets.

“From the first page, The Last Secret is wonderfully woven story of a homesteading woman whose wits and independent spirit save her from a life weighed down by family secrets.” Tom Cruickshank was an editor in the Canadian magazine industry for 25 years (Century Homes, Harrowsmith Country Life). His abiding interest in heritage architecture has led to the publication of five books, (including Old Ontario Homes, Old Toronto Homes, and The Settler’s Dream).

“During the mid 1800s in small town Ontario, a young woman’s choices were few. Defying her mother’s marriage expectations, Sarah, a rebellious daughter finds her chosen paths through life more challenging than she has ever imagined. A engaging slice of social history mixed with intrigue, betrayal and dark family secrets.”

Linda Hutsell-Manning, author of Fearless and Determined: Two Years Teaching in a One-Room School