By Cait Lynch

Published: April 17, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-927882-16-0
Genre: Non-fiction


What Are You REALLY Hungry For?

Could you be both overfed and undernourished? Do you look healthy on the outside but feel bankrupt on the inside? For a moment, forget about the scale…Instead, how are the quality of your sleep, your mood and your energy levels? And, what about your digestion…?

NOURISH asks you to dig deeper into your health and wellness puzzle by helping you discover the answers to these essential health questions and more.

Whether you need to lose excess body fat or you are naturally lean, NOURISH does not discriminate. The NOURISH program is rooted in a platform of self-care and nutrient rich, grocery store foods. Comprehensive and intensely personal, NOURISH teaches you how to find what you are really hungry for. Learn the NOURISH system and bring out the best of who you are to thrive lifelong.

“In 6 weeks, I lost 14 pounds of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle.  I slept deeply, I woke rested, my anxious mind had substantially calmed itself, and I had energy all day long.” – Pam Vorkapic

“The improved energy and stamina that I feel today [at age 61] are a direct result of applying the principles of NOURISH, and I am very thankful.” – Judd Gilks

“I am in my fourth decade, committed to public health as a registered nurse. Cait’s knowledgeable, practical and straightforward nutritional coaching has improved my overall health by leaps and bounds.” – Virginia Marshall, RN