Isadora’s Dance

By Donna Wootton

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e-book retail price $4.99
Genre: Fiction


Isadora Duncan, a Canadian millennial, is in Oxford to research Lucia Joyce for her PhD. Her advisor, the enigmatic Antonia Galsworthy is a former student of her father. Isadora meets the talented photographer and sexually ambivalent Lewis Dodgson, thus awakening a passion for romance in a foreign land while her research leads her to take expressive dance, Lucia’s obsession and nemesis. When Isadora is invited to the Galsworthy villa in Vignola, she falls in love with the handsome and entitled Rufus. Will their love prevail while family secrets, hidden for a generation across the ocean, come tumbling out?

A Literary Grand Tour. Looking for Lucia, Isadora finds love. And a lot more than she bargained for.

    Dr Mary M. Talbot, U. K., author of the graphic novel Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes

I couldn’t put the book down with its various but well-connected threads of both artistic and academic life, travel, romance, adventure, and mystery.

Mary Jane Warner, PhD, Professor Emerita, Department of Dance, York University

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