Hill Spirits II

By Hill Spirits II Contributors

Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-1-9278820-7-8
Genres: Non-fiction, Short Stories


Past, Present and Future: through short stories, poetry and illustration Hill Spirits II reminds us of our mortality, immortality and every moment in between.

Hill Spirits II is the second anthology to showcase the diverse range of writers and writing styles found in the Spirit of the Hills Writers Group.


John Charlton Sharon Overend
Ellen Curry Deborah Panko
Kim Sherman Grove Marie Prins
Richard M. Grove Felicity Sidnell Reid
Edward Hagedorn Jim Ronson
Katie Hoogendam Erika Rummel
Jennifer Gibson Gwynn Scheltema
Shane Joseph Susan Statham
Peggy Dymond Leavey Diane Taylor
Linda Hutsell Manning Alice Wisse
Brian Mullally Donna Wootton
Maureen Mullally Eric E Wright