Fearless and Determined

By Linda Hutsell-Manning

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Genre: Non-fiction


Part memoir, part creative non-fiction, Fearless and Determined, takes you back to life in rural southern Ontario in the mid 1960s. With one year’s training at Toronto Teacher’s College and no curriculum resources except a list of subjects, Linda Hutsell-Manning created and taught courses for eight grades. Built in 1860, the school had seen better days and resembled many one-room schools across Canada. With a wood stove, two pit toilets, a cold water tap, and no storm windows, many students experienced their entire elementary school education here. Linda’s memoir traverses the Kennedy assassination, the Beatles craze and small pox shots. She worked ten-hour days and made on-the-spot decisions as teacher and principal. “Circumstance gave me this opportunity; time has deemed it to be one of the most challenging and great experiences of my life,” says Linda.

What readers are saying:

“A delight to read for so many reasons.” Don, retired high school teacher.

“Well written, clear and engaging. Special moments captured brilliantly.” Reva, author/teacher.

“Your book brought back a flood of memories with its keen eye for detail and unsentimental matter-of-fact tone. Congratulations.” Leslie, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University

“Marvellous stories about a world that regrettably will never come again.” Shane, author

“An ‘old school’ memoir of the nicest kind.” Ted, author

“ A versatile writer who effectively transports readers to the early 1960’s and recounts, with visceral clarity, her one-room school teaching experiences.” Shelley, author

“Well focussed, well and clearly written and highly interesting, as well as the power and talent to raise, in readers, fondness for their schooldays whether enjoyed in a single room or not.” Ron, author

“Loved the stories, the characters and your journey through those two amazing years.”

Florence, VOS Theatre

“You have captured, for history, the everyday rhythm and challenges of being in charge of a one-room school.” Pam, writer

“Memoir is an absolute delight and a historical record of an era most people would not be aware of in education now.” Shelagh, author

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