Dance into the Light

By Beverley Brewer

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Genre: Memoir

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Beverley Brewer is with her husband Jack at their cottage, unwinding after his chemo treatments for Stage 4 lung cancer. Her father has had a fall and needs attention. Driving to her father’s home they find younger sister, Jacquelin, hanging in the den, the suicide note reading, “tell anyone I ever loved…”

So begins Bev’s odyssey of looking back over a life spent as Big Sister to a sibling intent on self-harm. Alcohol, unsuitable lovers, false competency, bailouts, and suicide pacts are part of Jacquelin’s life, with Bev always around to pick up the pieces and drill sense into someone who isn’t listening.

Through the wreckage of Jacquelin’s journey Bev comes to terms with her own, and deals with her husband’s health crisis, her mother’s death, and her father’s looming mortality. Dance into the Light is a searing journey into loss, mental illness, addiction, and suicide. It is also a discovery of love, hope, and enlightenment gained by wading through the detritus of life. 

What advance readers are saying about Dance into the Light:

“A profoundly touching memoir that is a must-read for anyone who has cared deeply about a loved one.  Brewer openly shares her vulnerabilities as she repeatedly attempts to rescue her sister. She candidly shares life lessons learned as she moves beyond the darkness.”

—Susan Blue, R.N. (Retired Nurse Manager) and Co-host of Podcast Series – Stories from the Field 

“A compelling and poignant memoir; Brewer’s heart-centred exploration of the human condition is raw and real, forcing the reader to confront their own inner demons (and come out the other side better for having done so). This is a must-read, not only for anyone who has suffered a loss, but also for everyone who has faced adversity with a loved one.”

—Cindy Watson, award-winning and best-selling author of The Art of Feminine Negotiation and Out of Darkness

“An intimate study of one sister’s lifelong efforts to re-establish family unity and forge new bonds. Nearly swallowed by anguish in a time of family tragedy, the loving supports of her aging father and ailing husband carry her through. The author shares her despair by journaling thoughts from a place of deep faith. Readers will cheer as she finds her way, learning that to be vulnerable is to be human.”

—Sheridan Rondeau, author of Dear Braveheart: a Caregiver’s Loving Journey Through Alzheimer’s Dementia.

“This raw and honest memoir reveals the tenacity of the human spirit with the most dreaded outcome. Illustrating deep love and unwavering determination to save a sister, Bev re-discovers life after traumatic loss. Full of quiet wisdom, Dance into the Light is a beautifully written and incredibly poignant story.”

—Yvonne Heath, author, speaker, founder of Love Your Life to Death.