Circles in the Spiral

Circles in the Spiral - cover

By Shane Joseph

print retail price: 20.00
Genre: Novel


Fake News!!! Will Smallwood, a writer suffering from the dreaded “block” and from troubling dreams, is plunged into a living nightmare when he is swept up into a misinformation campaign aimed at hijacking the Canadian Federal Election.

On the run, Will is forced to confront his personal demons: his suppressed childhood, his stalled career as a historical fiction writer, and his lost love, Jacqueline. Does he have a second chance to get things right when he is drawn to a yoga retreat and meets the promiscuous painter, Divine Secrets (Dee), along with a motley group of academics, alcoholics and ascetics? And who is the mystery person with the Twitter handle @abandonedchild97 stalking him on social media?

From an idyllic lake to a breathtaking series of dashes between Ottawa and Toronto, pursued by mobsters and police, Will tries to assemble the pieces of the puzzle while coming to the realization that his dysfunctional past and complicated present are connected, that people and events are entering his life for a reason, and that to open his mind and heart without cloaking them in fiction or fake news is his only road to redemption.

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