Authorized Cruelty

By Janice Barrett

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Genre: Fiction

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Patty Fielding, a USO entertainer, escapes after her camp in Vietnam is attacked during the Tet Offensive ceasefire in 1968. “You can lose who you are here,” her brother Christopher, stationed at Da Nang, wrote in a letter to her. Struggling to find the person he used to be, Chris got himself killed.

On the run from the North Vietnamese, Patty meets a group of American soldiers and relies on army regulations to save her. She soon realizes these soldiers play by different rules. They are on a top-secret mission to alter the course of the war.

Patty returns to the USA, a possible security risk. Being a general’s daughter won’t save her—not when she’s an anti-war protestor. Fifty years later, in 2018, when Operation Fracture Jaw is declassified and after the release of the Pentagon Papers, Patty uncovers the lies and discovers the truth.

What advance readers are saying about Authorized Cruelty:

“Barrett weaves threads of her own ancestry into this riveting story of a woman’s grueling marathon to survive a man’s war, compromised by political and family expectations. I couldn’t put it down.” Yvonne Van Lankveld, author of The Park Street Secrets.

Authorized Cruelty is an intense look at a turbulent time in America. Barrett’s engaging characters and vivid details are authentic and haunting.  A well-researched, provocative examination of the Vietnam War’s destructive effect on humanity.”

Sharon Frayne, award-winning author of The Sound of a Rainbow.

“Loved the book, a very enjoyable read. As an anti-war teenager in the late 60’s I could relate to Patty’s views, fears and anger. The writing created a clear picture of Vietnam and the political climate. I would recommend this to both book clubs that I belong in.” 

Avid reader, Darlene Roos, retired Travel Professional.

“Strap on your boots and hang on tight. Janice Barrett gives the reader a unique perspective in this fast-paced novel full of history snapshots, which turn the story on its heels in every chapter.”

Barbara Baker author of Summer of Lies andWhat about me? 

“In this fast-paced novel, Barrett takes readers on a harrowing journey through the jungles of war and government corruption.” Author Margery Reynolds.

 “A devastatingly truthful work of fiction. Fast-paced. An unflinchingly descriptive blend of fact and fiction told through the eyes of a courageous, resourceful young woman caught in the jungles of the war in Viet Nam.” Sylvia Barnard, author of Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Willows.