Sharon A. Crawford

Sharon A. Crawford

Sharon on the Liquid Lunch show talking about her memoir The Enemies Within Us

Sharon in conversation with Shane Joseph and reading from her memoir The Enemies Within Us at her virtual launch:

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Sharon A. Crawford is the M and M author. Her Beyond mystery series and memoir The Enemies Within Us are rooted in places where she lived. Sharon was born in Toronto, Ontario, and dwelt there most of her life, excluding a slight deviation to Aurora, Ontario from 1975 to 1998 when she returned to Toronto, settling near her childhood home. Aurora (and nearby city, Newmarket) loosely combine as the fictional Thurston in her Beyond mysteries, with Cooks Region and Cooks Regional Police inspired by York Region and York Regional Police. Sharon holds her mother partially responsible for her mystery-writing penchant, thanks to Mom getting her hooked on the old black and white Perry Mason TV series during the late 1950s/early 1960s. Perry Mason also plays a role in Sharon’s memoir The Enemies Within Us as that TV series became the arguing point with her Daddy over whether he watched Hockey Night in Canada or Mom and Sharon watched Perry Mason. Mother and daughter usually won. However, Sharon’s previous career as a secretary, particularly with an Aurora law firm and Toronto Police Services definitely added to her desire to write mysteries. Toronto is also where Sharon’s childhood was shattered by her Daddy’s cancer, which is recounted in The Enemies Within Us.

A former journalist for 35 years, Sharon currently runs the East End Writers’ Group, belongs to Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and the Toronto Heliconian Club. She is a freelance editor and teaches short story and memoir writing workshops. She also hosts Crime Beat Confidential on Sharon spends her spare time walking in her neighbourhood, pulling weeds and harvesting vegetables and fruit in her garden, reading mystery and memoir, watching TV, or chatting with her son, cousins, and friends on Facebook, Zoom and telephone.